[AS.] A most useful ruminant animal, bearing wool, and valued for its flesh. The domestic sheep is gregarious and very timid. Among fine wool sheep are the merino, the French, the Saxon, and Silesian; among coarse-wool sheep are the South Down, Cotswold, Leicester, and Cheviot

The meat of the fine-wool sheep is not as good as that of the coarse-wool sheep. The merino sheep is a native of Spain, and valued for its wool. It is now much bred in Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia, and Australia, while in the United States the sheep are 95 per cent, merinos. The merino differs from the English sheep in having wool on the forehead and cheeks. It is a large breed, with heavy horns, and with fine wool curling in tendrils. The Cretan sheep has long horns; the Turkish sheep has a long fat tail, which has often to be supported ; the Asiatic sheep has four horns ; the Rocky Mountain sheep, a wild species, is called big-horn, from its largesized horns. The aoudad is an African sheep, having a long mane on the breast and fore legs. The argali and moufflon are wild sheep in Siberia and Sardinia respectively. The musmon is a wild species in European Turkey. The most common mode of cutting up a sheep is - (1) shoulder, (2) breast, (3) loin (best end), (4) best end neck, (5) scrag end neck, (6) head, (7) loin (chump end), (8) leg.

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