[L.] The sun, with the bodies revolving round it, and receiving from it their light and heat, and held by its attraction. It includes eight planets with twenty-two satellites, of which the Earth has one, Mars two, Jupiter five, Saturn nine, Uranus four, and Neptune one. There are more than four hundred asteroids, or very small planetary bodies, known between Mars and Jupiter. The meteoroids furnish the zodiacal light and the rings of Saturn. The year of Mercury is nearly 88 days; of Venus, nearly 225 days; of the Earth, over 365 days; of Mars, nearly 687 days; of Jupiter, nearly 4,333 days; of Saturn, over 10,759 days ; of Uranus, nearly 30,687 days; of Neptune, over 60, 181 days. The four outer planets are very much larger than the interior ones. There are many comets included within the solar system.