[AS] The Sparrow family is a numerous one of perching birds. They help the farmer by keeping down caterpillars, grubs, and insects, which would otherwise overrun the fruits and crops; but they are very combative and drive other birds away. The white-throated American sparrow has a black crown, yellow spots over the eyes, orange edges on the wings, and a white throat. It is called the peabody bird from the sound of its note. The English sparrow, introduced into the United States to destroy the caterpillars of the tussock moth, which are injurious to shade trees, has greatly multiplied and is the common bird of cities and towns. The hedge sparrow is the size of the robin, and belongs to a different family. Its beak is black and rather long and slender. The solitary sparrow is a species of thrush, and is a native of Southern Europe. It resembles the blackbird, and has bluish feathers. The Sparrow family includes finches, swallows, thrushes, and larks. {See Beak.)