Arrangement, a term which denotes a distribution of the various component parts of any whole, in a certain order, or proportion: and refers either to sub-stance, time, or place. In the first instance, we may say, that the diversity observable in various colours is owing to a peculiar arrangement of those parts which reflect the light; in the second, that regularity and order in human transactions are the result of a methodical distribution, or arrangement of time) and to explain the last, it may be said, that the different genera and species of plants and flowers are, by botanists, arranged under their respective classes, and in their proper places.

A happy arrangement of ideas, words, and sentences, forms one of the principal beauties of a speech, or dissertation. The reverse implies confusion, which is frequently glossed over by a torrent of ambiguous and flowery expressions, so that it requires no small degree of critical acumen, to distinguish the philosophical speaker from the verbose orator. - See Argument.