Bag, in commerce, is a term for a sack, or pouch, containing a certain quantity or weight of some particular commodity. Thus a bag of almonds is about three hundred pounds ; of aniseed, from three to four hundred pounds weight, etc. The best material for making compact and durable bags, is hempen cloth, previously steeped in a strong decoction of oak-bark, or tanner's waste.

Bag, in farriery, signifies a medicated external application, made with a view to recover a horse's appetite. For this purpose, one ounce of asafeetida, with an equal quantity of powdered savin, are mixed together, put into a bag, and tied to the bit. Meanwhile the horse should be kept bridled for two hours, several times a-day, and as soon as the bag is removed, the animal will begin to eat. We have stated this piece of advice on the authority of the Encyclopaedia Britaiinica ; though we are inclined to think that such superficial applications will seldom avail. - See Farriery.