Bent Grass, or Agrotis, a genus of grasses comprehending forty-one species, of which, according to Dr. Smith, only eight are indigenous ; though Dr-. Hull enumerates fourteen : of these, how ever, we shall take notice of only two :

1. The Spicaventi, or Silky Bent-grass: it grows to the height of three or four feet, on dry sandy fields. See With. 120.—When young, it affords a tolerable fodder for cattle; but should not be given to them in its mature state, as its sharp leaves are apt to injure their gums. With a decoction of the brown flowers and stalks of this linen may be dyed of a pleasing yellow colour, merely by repeated dippings, without any farther addition, except a little alum, which gives it a greenish shade. The stalks are used by the Russians and Tartars, for manufacturing beautiful basket-work.

2. The stolonifera, Creeping Bent-grass, or Blue1 Squitch-grass, grows in moist fields and meadows ; see WIth . 131.

It deserves lobe cultivated, as it produces a wholesome and nourishing fodder for cattle; and, at the same time, suppresses the growth losses, and other weeds, by its quick and luxuriant vegetation.