Eye-Bright, or Euphrasia officinalis, L. an annual indigenous plant, growing on heaths, dry barren meadows, and in pastures : it flowers from July to September.

This vegetable is remarkable for not thriving in any situation, unless it be surrounded by plants that are taller than itself. It is eaten by cows, goats, horses, and sheep, but is refused by hogs.

Eye-bright is somewhat astringent and better ; it imparts a black colour to a solution of vitriolated iron. Its reputed efficacy in curing various disorders of the eyes, appears to us doubtful: several authors, however, strongly praise its virtues, and maintain that it is particularly useful to eyes impaired by long-continued application, and also to those which are dim and watery, in consequence of old age. For this purpose, Mr. Bradley advises the powder of the dried leaves to be frequently taken internally, after mixing it with the yolk of an egg, and likewise to make daily use of this herb among culinary vegetables, or to apply a decoction of it in simple water ex-ternally. - In common with many other plants, the eye-bright has also been recommended in the jaundice. We confess our inexperience of its salutary effect*.