Flounder, or Pleuronectes flesus, L. a fish, which abounds in all parts of the British sea, and is also found in rivers, at a considerable distance from the shore. It may be easily distinguished from plaise, or any other fish belonging to the same genus, by a row of small, but sharp spines, which surround its upper sides, and are placed at that part where the fins are united to the body: a similar row marks the side-line, and extends half way down the back. The upper part of the body is of a pale brown, which is sometimes marked with a few spots of greasy yellow.

Flounders seldom grow to arty size in the rivers, few exceeding the weight of five or six pounds ; they are, however, preferred to those which are caught in the sea ; being much sweeter, and at the same time having a more delicate flavour.