French-Mercury, or Mer-euriu/is annua, L. an indigenous plant, growing on waste places, and dung ills in the vicinity of towns and flowering in the months of August and September. The whole, of this vegetable is mucila-ginous -. when cultivated in gar-dens, it is dressed like spinach, to which it is said to be greatly supe-rior ; but, if eaten in a large quantity, it is aperient. - In France, according to Tournefort, a syrup is prepared from the juice of the mercury, 2oz. of which are given at one dose as a laxative : it is also used in clysters, and pessaries, in the proportion of one part of honey and two of the juice. - In England, this plant was formerly in great repute as an emollient, but is at present disregarded. - As an article of diet, it may be useful to persons liable to costiveness.