Interfering, a local disease incident to horses. It arises from various causes ; and though this malady is sometimes constitutional in the animal, yet it is more frequently occasioned by an improper method of shoeing ; in consequence of which the horse moves, his hind feet so closely together, that hard scabs are gradually formed by their continual friction, and the disorder at length is attended with halting or lameness.

According to Professor Bradley, interfering may be cured by a compound made of three parts of fresh sheep's dung, and one part of rye or wheaten flour, well dried.-These ingredients should be formed into a cake, then baked in an oven, and applied warm to the part affected, which will thus speedily heal ; or, it may be anointed with a mixture of turpentine, and verdigrease finely pulverized, by the use of which the scabs in general shortly disappear.