Lark-Spur, or Delphinium, L. a genus of plants, consisting of 14 species, one of which only is indigenous; namely, the consolida, orWiid Lark-spur; Field Lark-spur, or Lark's-heel: it grows in cornfields, and flowers from the month of June to September.

The expressed juice of the petals of this plant imparts a green colour; and, with the addition cf a little alum, will produce a good blue ink.—The seeds are acrid and poisonous.—Sheep and goats eat the lark-spur; horses do not relish it; while cows and swine totally refuse it.—Bees are remarkably attached to its flowers, which are likewise gathered by the country-people of Germany, cut small, and mixed with tobacco ; as they are said to improve its flavour.