Lazaretto, or Lazar-house, signifies a public building similar to a hospital; and which is intended for the reception of those who are infected with contagious distempers. It is also more particularly applied to edifices appropriated solely to the purpose of detaining and purifying such persons as arrive from places or countries, which are apprehended to be infected with the plague.

There are several institutions of this nature in the Italian and other ports, connected with the Levant; but quarantine is, in general, so negligently performed, that the merchandize often arrives at the place of its destination, in the same state in which it was embarked. Such abuse loudly calls tor legislative interference ; and it is devoutly to be wished that a lazaretto were established in every sea-port town of the United Kingdom, where vessels returning from the Mediterranean discharge their different cargoes.— In the mean time, we seriously recommend the following simple expedient to all country manufac-turers ; namely, that they should always station themselves and their workmen to the windward, when they open bales of Turkey cotton, which have not been unpacked since th?y were shipped, perhaps during the prevalence of the plague. This easy kind of attention wil1 not occasion great loss of time, or any additional expence; while it doubtless tends to avert impending, though distant danger, and to prevent the introduction of that dreadful scourge, the plague.