Limes, the fruit of a variety of the Citron-tree (which see); growing abundantly in Jamaica, and other warm climates : it is the smallest production of the kind; has scarcely any pulp; but con-tains a very sour juice, of a yellow greenish colour. On account of its strong acid, it is by the West Indians generally used as an ingredient in punch, though it is frequently productive of the most alarming colics, especially the dry belly-ach, of the cure of which we have already treated, p. 75, under the article Lead.

The inspissated juice of limes possesses a fine flavour ; but, as it is one of the most corrosive acids, which is not suffered naturally to arrive at maturity, we cannot recommend it for its salubrity. Nevertheless, the negroes in the West Indies employ this fruit with singular success for the cure of " scorbutic swellings of the legs, and stains of the skin, merely by rubbing the affected legs, knees, and hams, three or four times a day, with a fresh-cut lime." The same remedy is used in Jamaica, tor mitigating those violent pains in the bones, which precede the disorder called the yaws.