Louse-Wort, or Pedicularis, L. a genus of native perennial plants, comprising two species, viz.

1. The -palustris, or Marash Louse-wort, which grows in marshes, ditches, on moist meadows, and in pastures; where it flowers in the months of June and July.—This vegetable is eaten by goats, though not relished by hogs ; and refused by horses, sheep, and cows; in the latter of which, if accidentally swallowed among other grasses, it occasions bloody urine. Hence this dangerous and troublesome weed ought to be diligently eradicated.

2. The sylvatica, Common or PastureLouse-wort, thrives on wet pastures, and heaths ; it flowers in June and July.-~-This plant is refused both by cows and swine 1 it is particularly noxious to sheep ; which, if fed with it, will, in a short time, be covered with scabs and scurf; their woo, will become loose, and be over-run with vermin :- the expressed juice, or a decoction, of this herb has been advantageously applied, by way of an injection, to sinuous ulcers.