Medick, or Medicago, L. a genus of perennial plants, comprising twelve species ; the principal of which are the following :

1. The sativa. See LUCERN.

2. The falcata, Yellow Me-dick, or Butter-jags ; growing wild in sandy pastures and cornfields ; flowering in the month of July.

This bushy plant, if its stalks be properly supported, attains a height of four feet: it may be easily propagated by seed, in hot, dry, barren, and sandy situations, where it produces excellent hay. Its culture deserves to be strongly recommended ; as it requires but an indifferent soil; withstands the severity of winters better than lu-cern ; and is eaten eagerly by cattle, especially by horses, though its stalks are hard and woody.

3. The tupulina, Trefoil Me-dick, or Melilot Trefoil ; which grows in corn-fields, meadows and pastures ; it flowers from the month of May till August.—

This species is cultivated in the county of Norfolk, under the name of Nonsuch, and is usually sown together with ray-grass ; whence, the crops are denominated black and white Nonsuch.—The trefoil medick thrives best in a loamy and swampy soil :—goats, cows, horses and sheep eat both species of this plant j though the latter is less grateful to these animals, than the former.