Music, denotes the art of producing and combining sounds, in such a manner as to render them agreeable to the ear.

Music forms a pleasing recreation, and is calculated to produce the happiest effects upon the mind, or to exhilarate the animal spirits. Hence it has with the greatest advantage been employed medicinally; several instances having occurred, in which patients labouring under delirious fever, were calmed ; and, a critical sleep succeeding, they were eventually cured.

This art may be likewise, beneficially practised by persons of low melancholic temperament: as. according to the nature of the tunes played, it is equally calculated to excite pity, to sooth he mind, and to rouse the social affections. But, as the principles by which these various combinations are regulated constitute: a profound and extensive science, our limits perm its to enter into any analysis. The curious reader will derive amusement and instruction from the perusal of Mr. Kollman's Essay on Musical Harmony (fol. ll. Is. 1796); the same author's Essay on Practical Musical Composition (fol. 1799, 11. Is), and Mr. ShiEld's Indroduction to Harmony (4to. Robinsons, 1800); in which the subject is scientifically discussed.—The History of Music, as well as its present state, in France, Italy, Germany, etc. has bee;, ably treated in the voluminous publications of Dr. Burney, whose writings on this interesting topic possess classical merit.