Muslin, a kind of fine cloth, loosely woven of the finest cotton yarn.

Formerly, all muslins were imported from India ; but. at present, very considerable quantities are manufactured in Manchester, Glasgow, Paisley, etc.. which, for fineness and durability, are little inferior to those of .the East. It should, however, be. remarked that the British muslins acquire a yellowish cast, after they have been repeat-edly washed, while the genuine India-muslins 'retain their original whiteness.'

Plain muslins, Nankin cloths, and also flowered or stitched muslins, when imported, pay, on being deposited in the East India Company's warehouses, the sum of 71. 10s. percent, according to their value. They are likewise subject to a farther duty of J9l .13s. 9d. per cent, on being taken out for home consumption.