Pewter, a compound metal employed in the manufacture of plates, dishes, spoons, and similar domestic utensils.

The basis of this metal ought to be tin, one cwt. of which being melted with 15lbs. of lead, and 6lbs, of brass, the whole forms what is called pewter. But there is another composition known by this name and which consists of different proportions of tin, regulus ofantimony* bismuth, and copper : these, alter being incorporated into one mass, over the fire, are manufactured into vessels like those of common pewter.

From the dangerous properties bf the ingredients employed for such domestic articles, great attention will be requisite, to keep them constantly in a clean state, and to suffer no acids or fermented liquors to remain in those utensils.-We are persuaded that many hidden and unaccountable causes of disease, especially of nervous and paralytic affections, arise from a quarter where they are least suspected. See also in the articles, Cyder, vol. ii. p. 114 ; and Lead, vol.iii. p. 75.