Meadow Soft-Grass, the Meadow, or Holcus Lanatus, L. a native perennial, growing in meadows and pastures, particularly in moist, light situations: it flowers in months of June and July. This grass, though vegetating late in the season, is very productive ; but is not much relished by cattle : it makes a soft, spongy hay, that is very hurtful to horses; which, by eating it, become affected with a profuse discharge of urine, and general weakness. In case any hay, obtained from this vegetable, be accidentally given to those valuable animals, an immediate change of food will prevent its farther ill effects.

As the stalks of the meadow soft-grass attain a height of from two to three feet, and the root is eminently calculated for consolidating loose sandy soils, it merits to be cultivated in such situations.