Service-Tree, or Sorbus, L. a genus of native trees, consisting of three species, namely : l.The aucuparia. See QuiCKEn-tkee.

2. The domestica, (Pyrus domes-tlca of Dr. Smith) or True Service-tree, grows in mountainous forests, principally in Cornwall, Staffordshire, and in the county of Worcester. It flowers in the month of April or May. - The fruit of this species being mealy and austere, like that of the Medlar, is a powerful astringent, and of considerable service in alvine fluxes, especially in dysenteries: hence we learn from Bechstein, that the soldiers in the Prussian army, who were attacked with that epidemic in 1792, and to whom the rob, or even the berries, were given in sufficient making and therefore valuable to turners for screws or and to mathematical - makers,

The hybrida (Pyrus hybrida of Dr. SmiTh), BasTaRd Mounis found pr mountains, where it flowers in the month of variety of the two preceding cies, and their united properties Its wood, however, is softer than that of the true Service-tree ; and, though affording good fuel, its charcoal is greatly inferior to that obtained from the latter: - its berries are sweeter and preferably eaten by bird service-tree is cultivated in Britain, principally as an ornament for diversifying extensive tions; as it of

40 feet. ing the seed, a after the fruit is ripe, in which must be sheltered during the wit and; will be proper in hot-beds, and to water them frequently, during dry weather. Towards the middle of October the young plants :removed warm soil, and one foot apart from each other; in rows two feet : Hen should remain for three or years ; at the ought to the place to their the Wild.