Spruce-Beer, a kind of diet-drink, which is prepared in the following manner : Eight gallons of water are first poured into a cask, or other vessel; and a similar quantity of boiling water is added : 16 pounds of molasses are next mixed, together with a few table-spoonfuls of the essence of spruce (which is obtained from the cones of the spruce- fir). Haifa pint of sweet yeast must now be put in ; and the whole, after being well stirred, should be placed in a temperate room, for a few days, till the fermentation ceases. The li-quor may then be bottled; and, in the course of a fortnight, it will be fit for use.

Spruce-leer has a peculiar flavour, which renders it disagreeable to the palate of many persons; it is, however, a most powerful antiscorbutic, and affords a wholesome beverage, particularly during the summer ; as it does not affect the weakest stomach.