Star Of Bethlehem, or Ornithogalum, L. a genus of plants, comprising 35 species, 7 of which are indigenous : the principal of these is the Luteum, or Yellow Star of Bethlehem, growing in. woods, and moist sandy places; where its beautiful yellow flowers appear in April.

All the species of this vegetable are hardy perennials, and prosper in any situation : they may be easily propagated by off-sets from the bulbous roots. These may be preserved for a long time, either in a raw or roasted state ; and Ruel-lius remarks, that a wholesome and nutritious bread may be prepared from a mixture of the roots and seeds of this plant. - It is eaten by horses, goats, and sheep, though not relished by hogs; and is totally refused by cows. - See also Cheese, vol. i. p. 502.