Tragacanth, a gum obtained from the Astragalus Tragacantha, L. a thorny bush, growing in the Levant, in Candia, on Mounts Olympus, Ida, and Aetna : it pays, on importation, a duty of 3 1/2d. per lb.

Tragacanth is incomparably stronger than gum-arabic: one dram of the former, dissolved in a pint of water, renders it of the consistence of syrup, while an ounce of the latter is required to produce a thick mucilage: hence it is preferred to other gums in forming lozenges.

Compound powder of Traga-canth, consists of this drug, of gum-arabic, and starch, each 1 1/2 oz. and 3 oz. of double refined sugar; which ingredients are conjointly pulverized. - This preparation is one of the mildest emollient remedies in hectic cases, troublesome coughs, strangury, and similar disorders, occasioned by a thin, vitiated state of the fluids ; the dose bong from 1/2 to 2 or 3 drams, which may, according to circumstances, be repeated every hour, or at longer intervals.