Treacle, the Venice, or Mithridate, Theriaca Andro-machi, a celebrated medley of drugs, composed of 60 ingredients; prepared ; pulverized ; and, with honey, formed into an electuary: it was reputed among the ancients to be a specific against poisons, and was formerly employed in intermittent, malignant, and other fevers. At present, however, it is superseded by the opiate electuary, which consists of purified opium, 6 drams; caraway-seeds, long-pepper, and ginger, of each 2 oz.; and three times their weight of the syrup of white poppy, boiled to the con-sistence of honey. The solid sub-stances are to be pulverized, and the opium first separately incorporated with the syrup, over a moderate fire; when the other ingredients should be gradually added. - This composition is very powerful : the doses vary according to the age, sex, strength, and other circumstances; so that they ought to be regularly prescribed.