Tunny, or Scomber Thunnus, a fish of the mackerel kind, which abounds in the Mediterranean Sea, and sometimes frequents the British coasts : during the Herring season, considerable shoals are found in the lochs or lakes of Scotland, whither they resort in pursuit of that fish. The tunny is from six to ten feet in length ; its round body is bulky ; and the tail forms a crescent.

These fish are taken either with nets, or by hooks appended to ropes, and baited with herrings. In a fresh state, their flesh resembles raw beef: when boiled, it becomes pale, and acquires a delicate flavour, similar to that of salmon. The belly, however, is the part held in the greatest esteem, and which is mostly salted; but, being extremely fat, it ought not to be eaten by convalescents, or those whose digestion is impaired.