Whiting, or Gadus merlan-gus, L, a well-known fish, of an elegant shape, rarely exceeding 10 or 12 inches in length, and generally weighing from 8 to l6 oz.

During the spring, extensive shoals of whitings frequent the British seas; but seldom come nearer the shore than within half a mile, or retire farther from it, than about three miles. - They are caught in considerable numbers by the hook and line, and afford great diversion: - in the rivers Thames and Midway, these fish are prohibited to be taken, if less than six inches in length; nor are they allowed to be caught at any season, excepting from Michaelmas to Ember-week.

As an article of diet, the whiting is justly valued; being exceedingly delicate, tender, and nutritious; so that it affords proper aliment for invalids, and persons having a weak digestion.