Window, an aperture left in the walls of houses, with a view to admit the light, and which is generally provided with glass, disposed in sashes.

A patent was granted in May, 1783, to Mr.William PlayfaiR, for his method of making bars for sash-windows, of copper, iron, or any mixed metal, containing copper. Although the term of his; privilege is now expired, yet as a mere description would be insufficient to explain the manner: in which the requisite forms are imparted to the metals, the curious reader will consult the 8th vol. of the " Repertory of Arts, " etc. where a full specification is inserted, and illustrated with an engraving.

Another patent was obtained in 1801, by Mr. David Young, of Connecticut, in North America; for a new mode of raising sash-windows. His contrivance is remarkably cheap and easy : it consists simply, in boring three or four holes in the side of the sash, and inserting in them, common bottle-corks, so that the latter shall project about the l6th part of an inch. Such corks press against the window-frames, along the usual groove; and, by their elasticity, support the sash at any requisite height. - See also Country-house ; Farmhouse, etc.