Gum, or Yellow-Gum, is a species of Jaundice, to which infants are liable, in consequence of a retention of the meconium, or when the bowels are obstructed after their birth.

This affection may be cured, by occasionally administering a weak solution of tartar emetic, in the proportion of half a grain to ounces of water, sweetened with manna, till it operate either by stool, or by vomiting : after which, a small tea-spoonful of castor-oil should be given in water-gruel. But, as the former medicine must be used with great precaution, we would preferably recommend one or two grains of ipecacuanha to be infused in an ounce of water, with a dram or two of manna, and to be taken in divided doses. If, however, the complaint be attended with convulsions, the infant may be immersed in a warm bath, and expeditiously wiped ; a practice which is generally attended with better effects than the swallowing of paregoric elixir, laudanum, and other antispasmodics ; even though such remedies should consist only of single drops, or half drops. Hence, we seriously caution parents and nurses against those precarious drugs, which cannot fail to undermine the constitutions of children.