Dogs are wild animals that have been tamed. They have been tamed for so many hundreds of years that they are very different from any and all of their wild brothers of today—wolves, foxes, bears, jackals, and the wild dogs of the Esquimo tribes and of the Bushmen of Australia. But dogs have certain habits to which they cling, that came down from the wild dogs of many hundreds of years ago. One of these habits is the burying of bones. Another is this turning around and around before lying down. Wild dogs had to bury the bones they could not make use of at the time, to keep other dogs from carrying them away. And they had to make their beds in jungle grass or drifted leaves. This turning trampled a space flat for a comfortable bed, and left a wall of standing grass around it that hid the bed from prowlers. So today, you will see petted house dogs of high and long breed, burying bones stealthily, and turning around before lying down on the hearth rug. In the dearest dog friend we have, is something just a little untamed, and that seems to be what we need to connect our lives with all the beauty and mystery of natural things.