"Come unto me all ye who are the slaves of habits which have blasted your hopes, blighted your happiness, thwarted your ambition, and cast their black shadows across your life, and I will show you how to break away from the things which are ruining you. I will show you how to free yourself from all evil habits - intemperance, impurity, lying, dishonesty, gambling, the drug habit, whatever it is that is thwarting God's purpose in you.

"Come unto me all ye who are down and out, homeless, moneyless, friendless, outcasts from society, and I will show you that you are right now living in a paradise of a world, that perpetual miracles are being performed all about you, more wonderful than the raising of the dead, that you have wealth in yourself, untold wealth. I will show you that you still have that which will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, will show you that your real wealth can never be lost because this is God-wealth, divine riches."

Love is the great leveling up force of the world. Nothing else has ever made such a tremendous appeal to those who have botched their lives and thrown away their chances, those whose lives have been blasted by ignorance, by sin or other unfortunate conditions. Love does not condemn, does not criticize, does not judge, does not punish, does not ostracize, does not exclude. This is not love's way. To the worst criminal, to the most degraded sinner, it simply says "Go and sin no more." This is its only condemnation.

Love's way is Christ's way. It says, "Love your enemies, bless those that curse you "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone"; and on this condition no one can cast a stone because there is no one without sin, no one without some weakness as unfortunate as his neighbor's.

Love is the only force in the universe that can say:

"I am that marvelous force which has made civilization possible. I have led the human race up from the ape stage to its present development, and I will lead it to heights yet undreamed of.

"I am that power which causes human beings of the most diverse temperaments to live together in peace and harmony; which makes home so beautiful, a heaven on earth.

"I am that force which enables a man to find his real self, which transforms a brutal, ignorant man into a tender-hearted, sympathetic, loving husband and father.

"I am that spirit which is getting into great business establishments and making them cleaner, lighter, more wholesome, more livable places; that spirit which is making employees happier, more efficient, more contented.

"I am that leaven which is changing the spirit of mankind, bringing men nearer and nearer to the Christ spirit, the Golden Rule ideal. I am making brothers of former enemies, and bringing the realization of the great dream of brotherhood of man ever nearer.

"I am that power which is making comfortable and happy deformed and crippled children; little ones who in former ages would be thrown to wild beasts, or left to the mercy of fate, to die of neglect and starvation. I am that power which establishes orphan asylums, insane asylums, and all sorts of homes, for the aged, for the dependent, and for helpless dumb animals.

"My mission on earth is to help, to heal, to uplift, to bring cheer and comfort, happiness to every one of God's children. I am the good Samaritan who heals the wounds which the selfish, the hard-hearted pass by with indifference. I am the spirit behind the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and all other organizations of mercy. I am the power back of all movements which are for the betterment of the world, the upliftment of man.

"I am the great fundamental law of progress, the truth that shall make you free. I am the essence of all true religion, of all that is valuable in all creeds. I am the Christ spirit, the Golden Rule; I am that force which is tying human beings together in one grand cooperative, solidarity.

"I am the spirit of courage, that which keeps men from playing the coward when sorely tempted to do so, which bids them go on when they would turn back. I appeal especially to the down and outs, to those who are discouraged, those who think they are nobodies. I am a friend to the downtrodden, to the neglected, the despairing. I bring them new hope, new courage, new life.

"I am that force which has liberated the slaves of all the nations; of the earth, which has given freedom of conscience and freedom of thought to all men. I am that which is humanizing the hard-hearted, slave-driving employer, killing his selfish grasping greed, and showing him that all men are brothers. I am that which shows you that your neighbor is yourself, and that you, therefore, must love him as yourself.

"I am that which takes the sting out of sorrow and the bitterness out of disappointment; that which heals the broken heart, breathes hope to the discouraged, and good cheer to the despondent.

"I am that which blesses where others curse, loves where others hate, forgets and forgives where others remember and condemn. I am that which yields where others strive; that which makes people enjoy what others own, because I neutralize envy and covetousness. Anger, hatred, bitterness, jealousy, envy, discontent, cannot live an instant in my presence, because I neutralize everything which is unlike myself.

"I am the great miracle worker in the world's history. I am that which lifts ideals; which takes the sordidness out of life, which urges people to be and to do instead of to have and to hold.

"I am that benign power which transforms quarreling, jealous, envious neighbors and makes them live together like brothers and sisters. I heal family discords, jealousies and hatreds. I make quarreling, discordant partners friends. I neutralize the sting in cruel sarcasm and bitter invective. I take the dagger out of insults and quench the fire of hot temper. I cure all resentment, all feeling of hate, bitterness and malice.

"I am that which dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High. I am the healing balm for the nations. I am the balm in Gilead for all human woes. I am that divine understanding which makes the mother see in her wayward son not the criminal, but the divine man that God planned, and that it is still possible for him to be. When everybody else condemns the outcast, I call halt, and say 'Wait, there is a God in that man somewhere.'

"I am the comforter of the condemned, who visits the prisoner in his cell, and lifts him out of his despair. I light up the darkness of all condemned, assuage grief, give hope to the forlorn. I am here especially for those who have lost hope. I revive their courage, give them heart to make a new start.

"I am the voice of God, crying to his children - 'Come unto me all ye that are downcast, discouraged, despairing, who think your ambitions are thwarted, and that there is no more hope for you, come unto me and I will renew your lives. I am a reviver of lost visions, a renewer of faded dreams, a resurrector of dead ambitions, a savior for all who accept my invitation.'

"I am that sacred messenger which was detailed at your birth to go with you through life as your counsellor, your protector, your guide, your friend. If you have wandered away from me, lost your way on the life path, come back, and I will give you strength to make a fresh beginning and to be the man or woman God intended you to be. I will never fail you.

"I will show you that the divinity of man is beyond the reach of poverty or failure, or any possible disgrace or crime; that the God image in man is perfect, immortal; that it never had beginning and will never have an end; nor can any power in heaven or earth take it away from a man, contaminate or injure it, because the God in man is immune from any disaster or misfortune that could possibly come to him. It is indestructible.

"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you the rest for which your soul yearns."