Arranged By Rev. Sylvanus Stall, A. M.

It is a neat little book of 200 pages, bound in lavant morocco and stamped in gold, affording space for the recording of 69 church officers, 575 members and 5,175 pastoral calls directly opposite; 253 names of persons not members, and 2,277 clerical calls on the same; 46 communion seasons, 207 baptisms, 92 marriages, 115 funerals, 276 sermons, 92 addresses, 184 new members, besides ten other departments.

What Pastors Say.

"A marvel of compactness and comprehensiveness. Is just what every pas-tor needs." - Rev. A. A Willits, D. D.

"It will stimulate system and thus secure success." - Rev. John McC. Holmes, D. D.

"I have seen nothing which merits my ideal of what a pastor needs like this. It seems to cover all the ground, and that within the smallest possible space." - Rev. Oliver


"There is scarce room for a suggested improvement." - Rev. J. H. Hobart DeMille.

"A complete and useful record." - Rev. J. R. Talmage, D. D.

"An invaluable little book." - Rev. E. W. Peet, D. D.

"Its departments cover everything a minister wishes to record." - Rev. W. F. Crafts.

"I have seen nothing better for its uses than Mr. Stall's 'Pocket Record' for pastors.' - Rev. Thomas K Beecher.

"I am using your 'Pastor's Pocket Manual' in my daily pastoral work. The plan is admirable, and so adapted to its use that I can suggest no improvement. The church is indebted to you for a real help to the pastors in their work." - Rev. Edsall Ferrier.

"No pastor could use it without very great profit." - Rev. Henry Darling, D. D.

What the Press Say.

"Most admirable. We know of nothing as neat and convenient." - Quarterly Review.

"Durable - handsome - complete - small enough to carry easily." - Sunday School Times.

"The most convenient and economical Pastor's Record we have ever seen." - Chicago Advance.

"The most convenient and complete Pastor's Hand-Book that has been published. We commend it to the attention of all pastors everywhere."—Lutheran Observer.

"No pastor can remember all he does, and unless he has a record at hand he is very apt to forget important things. If he has one of Mr. Stall's Records in his pocket he need not trouble his mind with so many things, but put them down at once." - Christian at Work.

Price, One Dollar, Post-Paid. For Sale by I. K. FUNK & CO.

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