Advancing Toward The True Method - The Pew System - Pew Renting - Arguments In Favor Of-Against - Modes Of Renting Pews - At Auction - From Schedule - Sittings For The Poor - Rental Agreements-Notices - Collecting Pew Rents - Payment In Envelopes - Providing For Deficiencies - Tax Upon Pews Owned By Attendants - The Free Pew System - Voluntary Contributions - Annual Subscriptions -Origin And Defects - Permanent Subscription Considered - Forms Of Notices - The Envelope System-Excellencies Of - How Introduced - Securing Pledges - Forms Of - A System Uniting The Local And Foreign Work - The Bellefonte Method - Forms Of Envelopes - The Treasurer's Book - Bills And Reminders - The Scriptural Method - Conclusion.

All over this country thousands of churches are annually failing to pay current expenses, ministers are perplexed, people are disheartened, and the church of Christ is hindered in its great work of saving souls. This is a natural result of the sin of departing from God's ordained method of sustaining His cause upon earth; and not until the Christian church shall fully recognize the divine law of the tithe, can we ever intelligently hope for a removal of the great curses which impede the church's progress.

During the past decade of years, advances have been made toward the true scriptural method of supporting the church. This introduction of the better, is the gradual but sure preparation of the church for the eventual return to the best; and in presenting the following methods, now in use by the various congregations, we do so hoping that none will rest satisfied with the improvement of their present system, or the introduction of something better, or be satisfied with any improvement, only as it indicates progress and becomes a promise of the final acceptance, by the people, of that which is God's own method.