As a rule it is almost universally best to have the pew rents paid either monthly, or quarterly, in advance. Those who fail to call on the treasurer of the church and pay punctually, should be called upon promptly If much time is permitted to elapse, it tends to cultivate a spirit of neglect upon the part of all pewholders and disastrous results are sure to follow. This will take time, but is worthy of even more time and incon-venience than it costs. The interests of the church should be committed into the hands of only such as are willing to devote to it all the time and attention it demands.

Collecting Pew Rents 4

Payment In Envelopes.

One of the churches of a city in Pennsylvania was continually annoyed with annual deficits. Expenses could not be met, the pastor could not be paid promptly, together with all the other evils which follow in the train. The trouble was that the finances simply lacked personal supervision, and that prudent management needed to render any extensive enterprise a success. The entire financial affairs of the church were finally entrusted to a competent lady, who would devote the necessary time to the work. The congregation was canvassed, and a larger number of pews were rented as a result. Once a month the church bell was rung to notify all that the monthly installments were due, and that the treasurer would be in the church half a day to receive the same. The result need not be told. Now the income exceeds the expenditures, the pastor is paid promptly, no bill need be presented twice, money always in the treasury, everything moving along pleasantly, and increased usefulness comes as the attendant result. The financial evil in many churches might easily be cured simply by securing one who is willing to devote the time required by the work.