Contributed toward the liquidation of the church debt.

Enclose the amount REGULARLY, seal, and place in the collection basket.

This plan may be combined with the regular envelope system used to provide for current expenses. In making the annual assessment for current expenses, the interest and a portion of the principal may be added, and the entire amount apportioned among the members and supporters of the church. The amounts are placed together in the same envelope, and deposited in the basket, to be credited by the treasurer to the specified objects, or, the contents may be credited in one amount, out of which fund current expenses may be paid, and the balance remaining at the end of the year, appropriated to pay interest and reduce the debt. This latter, however, is not as business-like as the former, and is apt to be attended with more loss on account of unpaid subscriptions, or using all the funds to meet current expenses, investments and losses.