To the great mass of contributors the blessedness of giving is entirely lost. They are caused or permitted to feel that they contribute to maintain some struggling enterprise of Christian work. They do not give, as to the Lord, and therefore regard the act as one of merit. In the benevolent operations of the church we seem largely to overlook the fact that God does not of necessity call upon individual Christians for pecuniary, or any other sort of aid, in the prosecution of his work upon the earth. He might employ angels to herald his gospel, or trace his will upon the heavens in characters of unfading light. If he saw fit, he might speak the word, and the unearthed treasures of California would be at his service. He might demand, and the wealth of the world would have to be laid at his feet.

Some seek to evade their duty to contribute to the support of Foreign Mission work by arguing within themselves that the results, as compared with the money and lives invested, are not sufficient to prove the "experiment" of Christianizing the heathen a success. Christ says, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature;" and as his followers we are simply to do as he commands. With the result we have nothing to do. God will take care of his part of the work. Christ does not ask for our opinion, but for our money. Not for Missions, but for himself. If we give to Missions, or Church Extension, or Bible, or Tract Society, we would look to them for our reward, which we will never receive. If we contribute as directly unto Christ, in an act of solemn worship, we may look to him for a reward which he will never fail to bestow. When we contribute as unto Christ we shall be ashamed to offer him a dime when we should come with dollars. We shall not withhold for fear the money will not be property applied or judiciously expended. If we give to Christ we shall look to him, and not to committees, to direct and use it. If we deposit it in Christ's purse, and Judas steals it, the responsibility is not with us. We have given it to Christ and there our responsibility ends as far as the duty of giving is concerned.