When the proper model has been selected, in most instances it will be found advisable to secure an architect to give an accurate draft of every part of the building, giving, also, such specifications as will include every stick of timber, amount of lumber, number of bricks, style of finish, form of pulpit and pews, and everything down to the minutest details. This expense and delay will save both time and money. It will give the builders an intelligible basis for an economical estimate, and then if the contract is explicit in all of its details, as it

*Rev. James Porter, D. D.

always should be, it will protect the congregation against all bills for extras. Contract only with reliable parties, and such as are able to complete the work without loading the structure with builders' liens; and then, if the contract is clear and explicit in every detail, the church may be completed without perplexing annoyances, litigations and final disgust.