The system of having all the pews free is, unquestionably, the true system. It is the only custom which is accordant with the principles of the Biblical method of church support, and the one which must again become universal when the duty of giving at least one-tenth for the direct support of the church, aside from new enterprises which are to be provided for by free-will offerings and the support of the poor by alms-giving - I say, when these principles shall again be preached and the people understand their duty in this matter, then will the free pew system again become universal. Many" of the methods by which money is now secured for church support are simply human devices which appeal more to personal pride, a spirit of emulation, business interests and other unscriptural motives, rather than to a sense of obligation as stewards to comply with the require-ments of God, the great proprietor of all things.

But before coming to the scriptural method for providing for the annual expenses of the church, there are several other methods in use which properly come under the head of the free church, or free pew system, which are worthy of presentation.