Procure a book properly ruled, with space on the left-hand margin for register number, a second space for the entry of names in alphabetical order, a third space for amount of subscription pledged, and fifty-two additional spaces for the entry of weekly contributions, or twelve for monthly contributions.*

If desirable, the classes can be arranged separately, leaving a hundred lines for each class - the members of the first class being registered from 100 to 199, the second from 200 to 299, &c, so that the first figure of the register number will always indicate the class to

*A very excellent, yet economical book, prepared especially for this purpose, may be had of I. K. Funk & Co.

which it belongs. The register number attached to a name on the treasurer's book is to be placed on the left-hand margin of the class-book, and also upon each of the envelopes given him for use. Any outside friends that contribute can be placed in a class by themselves, and registered accordingly.

In entering the several amounts contributed, the treasurer will work entirely by the numbers, and thus will find the task comparatively easy.

Statements should be sent out to each contributor annually, or oftener, showing the amount received; and a full statement of the finances of the church made to the whole congregation at the end of the year.

Bills And Reminders

The amounts pledged should not be allowed to fall in arrears. If those whose pledges are not fully redeemed are called upon at least semi-annually, then any discrepancies in accounts can easily be adjusted before so long a time has elapsed that payments cannot be recalled.

Bills and reminders may be profitably used, but care should be taken lest they be used too liberally, or in such a manner as to lose their influence in accomplishing the desired result. We append a couple of forms:

Bills And Reminders 12Bills And Reminders 13