Acne is the commonest form of facial eruption, it appearing as small black points on the nose, cheeks, and chin. Each speck marks an obstructed outlet of the sebaceous glands, and if pressure be made on either side, the oily secretion may be pressed out in the form of a small white worm. With care in softening the skin before pressing, blackheads may be removed without leaving a scar, and through proper treatment, their return may be prevented.

For three weeks, or until the skin is thoroughly softened, apply Récamier cream every night before retiring. Let the cream remain on the face during the night. In the morning wash it off with water, as hot as can pleasantly be borne, and a little pure soap. Rinse the face thoroughly with cooler water. At the end of three weeks the blackheads will, in most cases, have been expelled by the treatment. In obstinate cases proceed as follows :

Before attempting the removal of these blemishes, apply a little Récamier cream. Press on either side of the clogged pore until the so-called " worm " is forced out. Be careful not to be rough and injure the skin by sharp finger nails or any steel instrument; if the sebaceous matter will not come out, it is because the skin is not properly softened, and you must patiently continue the first part of the treatment. Operate on the blackheads at night, if possible, before retiring, and do not attempt to get rid of all at one time. After the matter is forced out, bathe the face in warm water, in which put a little pulverized borax, and also use a little pure soap, that the now emptied folicle may be thoroughly cleansed. Continue this treatment until the blackheads are all gone.

Do not imagine, however, that these troublesome imperfections will not return if the skin is neglected. Nothing but care and great cleanliness will effectually banish these obnoxious visitors.