Wear warm, light garments, to secure an even temperature. In winter it is even more important to protect the spine than the chest. Wear a silk sleeveless jacket next the skin, if you do not wish to wear a flannel one. At any rate, if you are delicate, young or old, cover the spine with a strip of flannel tied by a ribbon, and extending to the hips. There will be no need to fear colds, bronchitis, or phthisis, if this precaution is taken, and it does not prevent wearing a decollette gown.

Never wear tight clothing. It is injurious to health and beauty. The face becomes congested when the organs are compressed, the hands swell, and get red, and the carriage awkward. Wear easy corsets, gloves, and shoes.

To keep the pores of the skin open, one should bathe daily in cold or warm water; ill health and age are thus retarded. The result of uncleanliness is a flabby and unwholesome condition. The well cleansed skin is soft, smooth, fresh; a skin on which perspiration and dust have accumulated in layers becomes dry and feverish. But it may be said that it is not possible for the greater number of people to take a daily bath, as they lack the facilities and the time. The sponge bath which is all sufficient for the purposes of cleanliness—requires only a few minutes each day. Once or twice a week at least, one should take the time necessary for a full bath. This is the very least attention our bodies require.

Immersions and baths, with the aid of soap, lotions, etc., will render the body strong and flexible, and give it a power of resistance. Water has the virtue of dispelling fatigue and destroying the germs of disease. While cleansing the body it purifies our souls and gives us " a sound mind in a sound body."