The nails should be cut in a curve which follows the shape of the end of the finger. Their surface should also be polished. One hour a week spent in caring for them is sufficient to keep them in good order, if they are rubbed and cleaned carefully each day.

Never use a steel instrument in cleaning the nails, as it hardens them and causes the dust to accumulate beneath. Nothing is better than the juice of a lemon, which keeps the skin at the base from encroaching on the nail, and also prevents white spots, often caused by lack of care. Cold-cream at night, or French amandine, is excellent for softening the nails, and also prevents them from breaking off and becoming dull.

A manicure set is indispensable for the proper care of the nails. It should consist of an ordinary nail-brush, a still smaller one to go under the nail, a file, a polishingbrush, curved scissors a pair for each hand; the nails of the right hand cannot be easily cut with scissors made for cutting the nails of the left hand.