The laws of society do not permit you to claim acquaintance with other persons unless you have been properly introduced, though in traveling this rule may often be reasonably omitted. Under ordinary circumstances care and discrimination should be exercised in making gentlemen acquainted with each other, and still greater heed is demanded in the introduction of ladies and gentlemen. It should always be understood in advance whether or not the lady is likely to desire the introduction. In no case should it be thrust upon her without regard to her objections. And it is not advisable to make the request within hearing of the party concerned, since this may put her in an awkward situation, if wishing to decline.

Do not forget that, in introducing one person to another, you assume a social responsibility for the person you introduce, and great care should be taken in giving this indorsement. It is possible for you to inflict a positive injury by introducing a man of objectionable character to a lady. If you are not well informed in respect to the reputation of the one for whom you are about to become responsible, pause and go no further. You should not be a party to the formation of any relations which may possibly have an injurious effect.

The same conditions hold good in the business world. An introduction carries with it some indorsement which may lead to business transactions involving great financial risks.