Much display of jewelry is out of place for young ladies, and the kind of jewelry to be worn demands as careful consideration is that of the dress itself. Diamonds, pearls, and transparent precious stones generally belong to evening costume, and are always in taste at night; but they should not be worn in the earlier parts of the day. In the morning, indeed, only a simple ring or two are admissible, with, perhaps, a gold brooch, and a watch and chain.

As regards cost of jewelry, it is by no means the best criterion of taste. A simple and inexpensive jewel may occasionally have the effect of an exquisite work of art, while a large and showy brilliant may give the impression of vulgar display or showy overdress. To wear much jewelry in the streets is in very bad taste, while in large cities it may subject the wearer to danger from robbery.

In traveling it is inadvisable to make a display of jewelry. It is particularly undesirable if a lady is traveling alone, for the reason just given.