The juice of a lemon applied to the scalp is said to be a remedy for the falling out of dark hair.

The following recipe has been used successfully : Wash the head each night, rubbing in carefully the following mixture: one teaspoonful of salt and one gramme and a half of quinine, added to a pint of brandy; mix well.

The following remedy has also been used with good results: Steep three common onions in a quart of rum for twenty-four hours; remove the onions and apply the liquor to the scalp every second day. The slight odor of onions soon disappears.

The English medical journal, The Lancet, recommends the following pomatum: Tincture of jaborandi, fifteen grammes; lanoline, nine grammes; glycerine, sixty grammes. Mix with a little soft soap, and apply to the scalp every night.

Good results have been also obtained by using walnut leaves steeped in water. Dip a small sponge into the liquid, and moisten the scalp each night. In the morning use the following prescription: Perfumed soft animal fat, sixty grammes; tannin, two grammes; tincture benzoin, six grammes.

After an illness it is unwise to shave the head. The hair will not fall out if cut at intervals of three weeks. Each time a certain quantity must be cut, proportionate to the whole length of the hair; the last cutting should be about to the lobe of the ear. False hair should not be worn, as it sometimes causes total baldness. From the day on which the hair is first cut, the head must be rubbed with a mixture of equal parts of rum and castor-oil. Hot sage tea is also recommended, provided the head is well dried with a warm towel.