Visiting-cards must not be used either to accept invitations or to regret the necessity of declining them, though invitations to small entertainments may with propriety be written on a lady's visiting-card.

A less formal mode of invitation to an evening reception may be the following:

Mrs. Smith,
At Home,
Tuesday, May ninth, at nine o'clock, 849 Green Street.

If dancing, music, or other entertainment is provided, it can be mentioned in a word at the bottom of the invitation.

We append below an invitation to a musical and card party, with acceptance of same :

Hilton, January 1, 1902.
Dear Mrs. Nuttall :
We purpose having a small party for music and cards next Thursday, and hope that you, your husband, and the dear girls will join us. If you can favor us with your company, please ask the young ladies to bring their violins and music, and do not be later than eight o'clock.
We unite in kindest love to you all. Believe me, most affectionately yours,
Lois Markley.


My Dear Mrs. Markley :
We shall have much pleasure in accepting your kind invitation for Thursday next. Edith desires me to give you her love, and to say that she is delighted at the prospect of a musical evening; she will bring all your favorite selections, and do her best to play them. With our united regards, believe me,
yours affectionately,
Susana Nuttall.
"The Willows,"
January twelfth, 1902.

Where there are several sisters in a family, addressed on an invitation as " The Misses-------," it is usually understood that not more than two of them will avail themselves of the invitation.

Invitations for any general entertainment sent to a country house where guests are stopping, are, as a rule, addressed to " Mr. and Mrs.-------, and party," this invitation being expected to include the sons and daughters of the family as well as the visitors.