The number of groomsmen must correspond to that of the bridesmaids. These gentlemen have little to do, with the exception of the first or principal groomsman, who is charged by the bridegroom with the management of the whole affair, and should be furnished by him with money to pay all the expenses. He is usually his brother or most intimate friend.

Where a ring is used he should take charge of it, and present it to the bridegroom at the proper moment. He must hand the minister his fee, and pay the sexton and other persons entitled to payment their legitimate charges.

It is his duty to undertake all the arrangements for his friend on the eventful day, and to see that they are properly carried out.

The dress of the groomsmen should be similar to that of the bridegroom, the dress worn being that suitable to the hour of the day, in the same fashion as for any other entertainment. They should be dressed as nearly alike as possible.