Invitations to marriage ceremonies are issued in the name of the bride's parents, or, if both are dead, in the name of a near relative or guardian. Paper without crest or monogram is considered the best to use so far as good taste is concerned. The accepted form is as follows :

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
request the pleasure (or honor) of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Mary Burd
Mr. James Howard Wilson,
at St. James' Church, on Tuesday, June tenth
at twelve 0'clock.

Separate cards are sent if the wedding ceremony is to be followed by a reception at the parents' residence, the formula used being "Mr. and Mrs. Smith at home, etc."

To avoid confusion at the church a small card is sometimes enclosed with the invitation, on which the name of the church and the hour for the ceremony are printed. Such cards must be presented at the door, in order that, to avoid a crowd, only such friends as have received invitations to the wedding may be comfortably seated.

In case no reception is given, and the newly-married couple wish to announce to their friends their new abode, a card in the following form may accompany the invitation :

At Homb Tuesdays in May.
4.89 Green Street

In the case of house weddings, or when recent bereavements demand that the wedding shall be private, it is now customary to invite intimate friends by written invitations, and send simple announcements of the event to those not expected to be present. In such cases the stationery used should be of the same quality and style as for the invitations. The announcement may read as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wellington
Announce the Marriage
of their Daughter
Mr. James Howard,
Saturday, September ninth.

An invitation to an anniversary wedding may be couched in the following form. If no presents are desired, the invitation should explicitly say so, otherwise it will be taken for granted that they will be acceptable :

1877                                                                    1902
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lewis
request your presence
at the
Twenty-fifth Anniversary of their Wedding
Wednesday Evening, March eighth,
194 Lombard Avenue,
New York.
No presents.