Among the festivities which society provides for its enjoyment, that of the anniversary wedding has of late years come greatly into vogue. It is a pleasant custom, and has been gradually extended until numerous anniversaries of the wedding day, differently named, are celebrated with appropriate ceremonies. Beginning with the silver and golden wedding, on respectively the twenty-fifth and the fiftieth anniversaries, there have been gradually added various others, such as the wooden wedding on the fifth, the tin wedding on the tenth, the crystal wedding on the fifteenth, the linen or china wedding on the twentieth, and, as an occasion of exceedingly rare occurance, the diamond wedding on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the marriage.

This is not the whole list, much ingenuity having been exercised in adding to the frequency and diversity of these anniversaries, and to those named may be added the iron wedding, celebrated after one year of married life; the paper wedding, on the second anniversary; the leather, on the third; the straw, on the fourth; the wooden, on the seventh; the ivory, on the thirtieth; the coral, on the thirty-fifth; the woolen, on the fortieth; and the bronze, on the forty-fifth. It is now a common custom, however, to overlook all the anniversaries preceding the silver wedding.