18. Edw. I. (Westminster III) Cap. I. (A. D. 1290.)

The Feoffee shall hold his Land of the chief Lord, and not of the Feoffor.

Forasmuch as Purchasers of Lands and Tenements of the Fees of great Men and other Lords, have many Times heretofore entered into their Fees, to the Prejudice of the Lords, to whom the Freeholders of such great Men have sold their Lands and Tenements to be holden in Fee of their Feoffors, and not of the chief Lords of the Fees, whereby the same chief Lords have many Times lost their Escheats, Marriages, and Wardships of Lands and Tenements belonging to their Fees; which Thing seemed very hard and extream unto those Lords and other great Men, and moreover in this Case manifest, Disheritance: (2) Out Lord the King, in his Parliament at Westminister, after Easter, the eighteenth year of his Reign, that is to wit, in the Quinzime of Saint John Baptist, at the Instance of the great Men of the Realm granted, provided, and ordained, That from henceforth it shall be lawful for every Freeman to sell at his own Pleasure his lands and Tenements, or Part of them, so that the Feoffee shall bold the same Lands or Tenements of the chief Lord of the same Fee, by such Service and Customs as his Feoffor held before.