1. A debtor, either by confession or judgment, shall have thirty days grace.

2. At the expiration of this period the plaintiff shall serve a formal summons upon the defendant, and bring him before the magistrate.

3. If the debt be not paid or if no one becomes surety, the plaintiff shall him away, and bind him with shackles and fetters of not less than fifteen pounds weight, and heavier at his discretion.

4. If the debtor wish, he may live at his own expense; if not, he in whose custody he may be shall furnish him a pound of meal a day, more at his discretion.

6. On the third market day the creditors, if there are several, shall divide the property. If one take more or less, no guilt shall attach to him.

Table IV. Paternal Rights

3. If a father shall thrice sell his son, the son shall be free from the paternal authority.